For the session 2015-16 on College participated in PU Inter College Boys competition in Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, chess, Boxing, Taekwondo, whereas in the girl category we participated in Basketball, Judo and Athletics in all. 75 Boys and 14 Girls participated in the P.U. Inter College Competitions.



Deepak Singh of B.Com-I won gold medal in the P.U. Inter College held in Chandigarh in the month of October  and also won gold medal in All India Boxing Championship held at Kurukshetra University from 16th to 24th Nov, 2015. He has also won gold medal in Chandigarh State Open Boxing Championship. He was all adjudged as the best Boxer in this Competition.


Trideep Singh B.Com-III won Silver medal in Chandigarh Senior State Taekwondo Championship on 19th Sept, 2015.


College Basketball team of Boys Won Bronze medal in P.U. Inter College Basketball Competition, Division B held at Govind National College Naragwal, Ludhiana on 7th & 8th Nov, 2015.


College Cricket team of Boys won 2nd position in P.U. Inter College Cricket Competition from held at 15th to 19th Jan, 2016.

VIII  Annual Athletics Meet 2015-16

Annual Athletic Meet of the college was held on 19th February 2016. Mrs. Manjit Kaur  Principal of the college inaugurated the meet and Dr. R.S Brar (H.O.D) PGGC-11 Chandigarh was the chief guest on the closing ceremony & Prize distribution ceremony of the meet. 304 students of the college participated in this meet.

Result of VIII  Annual Athletics Meet 2015-16
S.No. Events   Possition Name Class
1 Chess Boys 1st Paramveer Singh B.COM-3
2nd Dalvir Singh B.Com-2
3rd Aditya B.Com-1
2 Chess Girls 1st Navneet Kaur B.COM-3
2nd Aarti BBA-3
3rd Anju Yadav M.Com-1
3 Table Tennis Boys 1st Ujjwal M.Com-1
2nd Yaksh BBA-3
3rd Shubham B.com-1
4 Table Tennis Girls 1st Kvya Kriti B.COM-1
2nd Babita B.Com-3
3rd Utsavi Sharma BBA-3
5 Carom Boys 1st Piyush BBA-1
2nd Dhruv Manchanda B.Com-2
3rd Jatin Kumar B.Com-1
6 Carom Girls 1st Priya Goyal B.Com-1
2nd Minakshi B.Com-2
3rd Shivneet Patti BBA-1
7 Balance on One Leg Boys 1st Aweg Joshi B.Com-3
2nd Abhinav Bali B.Com-1
3rd Paramjit Singh B.Com-3
8 Balance on One Leg Girls 1st Jasleen Saggu M.Com-1
2nd Kavya Kriti B.Com-1
3rd Aarti BBA-3
9 Shot Put Boys 1st Pardeep Dhiman B.Com-3
2nd Abhay Dhar B.Com-3
3rd Swarandeep Singh B.Com-2
10 Shot put Girls 1st Jasleen Chawla B.Com-1
2nd Kamalpreet Kaur B.Com-2
3rd Neha Kumari BBA-3
11 Push ups Boys 1st Saksham Shukla BBA-3
2nd Deepak Singh B.Com-1
3rd Aweg Joshi B.Com-3
12 Rope Skipping Boys 1st Deepak Singh B.Com-1
2nd Sandeep Singh B.Com-3
3rd Jatinder Singh Piy
13 Rope Skipping Girls 1st Roma B.Com-3
2nd Rupinder Kaur B.Com-2
3rd Palvi M.Com-1
14 Ballon Race Boys 1st Adhitya B.Com-2
Lakshay B.Com-2
2nd Pankaj B.Com-3
Sandeep B.Com-3
3rd Deepak Singh B.Com-1
Shubham B.Com-1
15 Ballon Race Girls 1st Simarjot B.Com-1
Neha Kumari BBA-3
2nd Neha thakur BBA-3
Aarti B.Com-3
3rd Pavit BBA-2
Roma B.Com-3
16 Spoon and Lemon Race Girls 1st Pavit BBA-2
2nd Jasleen Saggu M.Com-1
3rd Jasleen Chawla BBA-1
17 Slow Two wheeler Race Boys 1st Tribhavan Singh B.Com-1
2nd Jaskirat Singh B.Com-3
3rd Abhay Dhar B.Com-3
18 Slow Two wheeler Race Girls 1st Jasmeet Kaur M.Com-1
2nd Neha Thakur BBA-3
3rd Malbinder Kaur B.Com-1
19 Arm wrestling Boys 1st Saksham Shukla BBA-3
2nd Deepak Singh B.Com-1
3rd Aweg Joshi B.Com-3
20 Arm wrestling Girls 1st Jasleen Chawla B.Com-1
2nd Kamalpreet Kaur B.Com-2
3rd Neha Kumari BBA-3
21 Musical Chair Boys 1st Sukhjot Singh B.Com-1
2nd Saurav Verma B.Com-2
22 Musical Chair Girls 1st Gurnoor Kaur B.Com-1
2nd Pavit BBA-2
23 Musical Chair Feculty 1st Dr. Rosy Walia
2nd Dr. Manoj Kumar
24 Musical Chair Admin Staff 1st Deepak
2nd Kuldeep
25 Musical Chair Class IV Empolyees 1st Sunita Devi
2nd Ashok Kumar





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